“CircularFLO is incredibly intuitive software that delivers gorgeous epub files with remarkable read-aloud functionality, without sacrificing accessibility. They’ve clearly thought of everything, making my job that much easier!”

Andrew Dupuis - Production Designer - Kids Can Press

“We owe a lot to CircularFLO. Your software enabled our transition from InDesign layout to a solid ePub and Kindle file.”

Salvo Lavis - World Of The Weasel

"“Using the CircularFLO software has allowed us to publish a fully searchable ebook to Amazon and Apple which has faithfully reproduced the complex musical notations directly from the print PDFs that are critical to this book (Behind Bars - the definitive guide to music notation by Elaine Gould). The ebook files look fantastic and we’re really pleased with it – the author is delighted!”

Catherine Walker - Digital Manager - Faber Music

“I have been using your software for the last 4 years and absolutely love it!”

Loryn Babauskis - Creative Director - Alyce Alexandra

"Adding audio hotspots was a piece of cake so thank you very much"

Leonora Bulbeck - Digital Editor - Usborne Publishing

“After having also used InDesign CC 2015's fixed layout conversion on one project, I would run (not walk) back to CircularFLO, as long as you're using a Mac. Thanks for your great product.”

Rick Gordon - Emerald Valley Graphics - ebook creator and consultant

"Fantastic! I've been waiting for this type of easy to use functionality for bloody yonks!"

Comment on our YouTube video for read-aloud.

“Using CircularFLO allows us to convert our popular guidebooks in-house, quickly and easily into fixed layout e-books that don’t require any extra formatting or design. For backlist titles, being able to convert from print PDFs is fantastic.”

Claire Masset, Guidebooks Publisher - National Trust

“I was sure CircularFLO was the right choice for my first epub + Kindle fixed-layout photobook, and I was not disappointed. Placing my web code (Hype animation) was easy: just a few simple clicks. And superb customer service! They go above and beyond to ensure a quality product.”

Tina Henderson - TinaHenderson.com

“The main benefit that CircularFLO serves is bringing the e-book process in-house, giving us complete control to easily convert our own beautifully designed books into tablet friendly formats.
Conversions are competitively priced and all revisions can be managed in-house at no extra cost.”

James Edwards - The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

“I wouldn’t hesitate to use them for my next fixed-layout EPUB project.”

Anne-Marie “HerGeekness” Concepción - Lynda.com and InDesign Magazine

"CircularFLO really does work. We converted the print version of Moviemaking with your Camera Field Guide (published by Ilex Press) into an ePub that retained all the original design and layout features including fonts, the result is amazing.
And not only is the integrity of the design retained but the text is live, searchable and zoomable without loss of quality. Add to that the ability to include video clips, particularly important in this book, and you have a product that is more than a match for any expensively produced app."

Graham Davis - iPadCreate and cookeryclassics.com

“Thanks for the great software, BTW!
It would have cost me 1,500$ for a company to do this.
I checked the file on my iPad retina and it looks great!!”

Rob Snow - creator/author - www.creative-pet-project.com

“I have developed three ebooks in both Amazon and Apple format and want to thank you for developing your software. It’s wonderful and it saved me hundreds if not thousands of hours of coding.
Thanks again and I look forward to working with you soon.”

Stephen R. Brown - see samples of the books

“CircularFLO does exactly what it says it will quickly, accurately and effortlessly. We had our first Heckerty eBook on sale with Amazon and Google within 24 hours of discovering CircularFLO!”

Allan Davidson - Broomstick Productions, Inc.

“CircularFLO is really impressive. Congratulations on a slick bit of work in both functionality and user-experience.”

Consultant for large US Education Publisher

“When we found your software it was like a Godsend!”

James Boldiston - Director of Operations - NMG

“Combining text-highlighting with hand-lettering … as far as we know, isn’t something that’s ever been done before – but we’re very pleased to say that we’ve found a way of doing it. Working with Circular Software’s CircularFLO technology, we’ve managed to produced a beautiful, unique edition.”

Tom Bonnick - Nosy Crow - See a free sample on iBooks Store

“I can honestly say I think CircularFLO is an absolutely great product.”

William Fallon - Design Department Manager - Operations - Macmillan

“The first ebook file I made was great and I was thrilled that it took me hardly any time at all.”

Senior Designer - Vertebrate Graphics

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