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Convert from InDesign or PDF

Choose to use either InDesign documents or PDFs to quickly and easily create true replicas of existing print products with fully searchable text. Our clever tools will handle  single or multi page PDFs and it is possible to combine PDFs and InDesign objects on the same page. [More]

Export to KF8 and EPUB3

Directly export to fixed layout EPUB3 or the Amazon KF8 fixed layout format. For KF8, choose between pinch and zoom and double page spreads or create mag zones pop-ups from InDesign paragraphs and automatically add searchable text. [More]

Read Aloud with no coding

Highlight words, regions and images in time with an audio track. All fonts supported and even scanned artworks and PDFs. Automatically add accurate timestamps then preview and adjust the timings directly inside InDesign. [More]

No design restrictions

Using any page sizes or any proportion there is no need to prepare your designs or images in any way. Use any font, any colour space (e.g. CMYK images) and all image file types. With CircularFLO there is no need to compromise your design ideas. [More]

Easy Animation

Choose from over 70 CSS animations to add to your images and text. Combine them together and adjust timings, repeats and duration to make complex effects easily. Drag and drop to share settings between pages and documents. [More]

Place Web Code

Drop externally created web code into your pages and combine them with your page designs. Place in any HTML5 based animations and interactions and then export straight out to fixed layout EPUB3. [More]

Add audio and video

Add tap audio to InDesign objects or any part of the page. Add custom play, pause or stop controls for longer audio and make your own animated audio buttons. Drop videos into pages, add a poster frame if required. Choose to embed for offline viewing or stream your videos to your fixed layout EPUB3. [More]

Live or embedded text

Add accurately positioned live text to your pages. We make it easy to add scrolling live text panels and live text on a path and we support text transparency and drop shadows. Use our tools to accurately pinpoint complex text positions such as text wraps and annotations. [More]

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