Faber Factory – Press Release – 4 April January 2014

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A breakthrough for Faber Factory clients who publish illustrated content

Faber Factory Powered by Constellation and Circular Software today announce a partnership which will enable Faber Factory client publishers to use CircularFLO, a unique software which enables a publisher to make fixed layout eBooks directly from InDesign. This file creation tool makes it more possible for publishers to produce illustrated content in-house more reliably and affordably. Faber Factory client publishers will be able to take advantage of the special edition package which offers better rates, support and training.

“This is the type of breakthrough we have been looking for with illustrated content. The CircularFLO software makes it very straightforward to produce good quality fixed layout eBooks from existing print files at a much lower cost. We are also impressed by the fully searchable text, the ability to add multimedia and their commitment to develop the software for our publishers needs.”
Simon Blacklock, Director, Faber Factory Powered by Constellation

“We are delighted to be bringing CircularFLO to lots more UK publishers. CircularFLO gives creative control back to the publisher when making beautiful eBooks and our one-click method to convert InDesign books into a single file that is both a valid fixed layout EPUB3 and an Amazon KF8 means CircularFLO is becoming the tool of choice for illustrated publishers.”
Ken Jones, Director, Circular Software.

Faber Factory Powered by Constellation, a joint venture between Faber & Faber and The Perseus Books Group, is an award winning digital service which works with over 120 independent publishers, offering conversion, distribution, account management, analytics, promotional support and marketing tools, to help publishers maximise their ebook sales.

Circular Software is a UK company creating software for publishers. Its flagship product CircularFLO is used to quickly convert InDesign books into fixed-layout eBooks, in-house with no coding knowledge required. Hundreds of print books converted to fixed layout EPUB3 and KF8 using CircularFLO are on sale with Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google and more.

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