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Add web code to fixed layout EPUB pages with CircularFLO

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With the new Web Code tools in CircularFLO v6 it’s now easy to add your own bits of extra web code to your fixed layout EPUB3 pages. This is a great feature for those who are looking to add extra interactions or more complex animations to their fixed layout EPUBs from CircularFLO. The video here is just one example of […]

Nosy Crow use CircularFLO to add read aloud highlighting to hand drawn and scanned images

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“Combining text-highlighting with hand-lettering … as far as we know, isn’t something that’s ever been done before – but we’re very pleased to say that we’ve found a way of doing it. Working with Circular Software’s CircularFLO technology, we’ve managed to produced a beautiful, unique edition.” CircularFLO now makes it easy to add audio files […]

Convert PDFs into fixed layout eBooks with CircularFLO

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Use the new PDF Tools panel in CircularFLO v6 to bring PDF pages into InDesign for use in your CircularFLO eBooks. Quickly and easily bring your backlist content and books which have not been made using InDesign (e.g. QuarkXPress or iBooks Author) and then export to Amazon KF8 and fully valid Fixed Layout EPUB3 for Apple, Kobo, Google Play and […]

3 free webinars for 3 brand new features

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To support the launch of Version 6 we’ve got 3 brand new webinars for you, to help guide you through the key new features. All webinars are free to attend. “Sometimes people just assume that the process will be much harder than it actually is! I have found that once people see our tools in […]

CircularFLO on

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We are always happy when people pass on the news about CircularFLO so thanks to Nat, Tracy and the team at Webucator for making this video and adding CircularFLO to their InDesign courses.     Thanks to Webucator for creating this video, which is also included in their Using Adobe Add-ons course in their InDesign classes.