CircularFLO Special Edition.

A custom version of our eBook creation software for larger customers.

The CircularFLO Special Edition is a version of CircularFLO which is unlocked for use on any Mac, including by trusted outsourcers, using a simple password protected purchasing page.
The CircularFLO Special Edition is available for publishers on request and on setting up an account we create a dedicated client page to supply you the CircularFLO Special Edition and track your credit usage.

You benefit from:

  • Option to secure reduced credit pricing by agreeing to purchase credits in volume (see our reduced rates)
  • Ability to make full page length proof versions of your books
  • A guaranteed price for all book credits for length of agreement
  • No delays, no need to download or upload anything
  • No need for credit cards payments
  • Ability to use credits from any Mac including trusted outsourcers
  • 30 days payment terms
  • An online itemised report of the credits used for your records
  • Six months hosting on MasterPlan included
  • Advance access to prerelease versions of CircularFLO
  • Ability to directly request new features for future development
  • We ask that customers add a line on the imprint page of each book when using CircularFLO Special Edition when possible

Your CircularFLO Special Edition can be set up simply and quickly please contact us directly at to discuss or apply

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