Great new CircularFLO version 5.1 features at a glance

Live text on a path support

Accurately reproduce the curved text created using the InDesign’s ‘Type on a Path tool’ as live text in your eBooks.

This feature is included with CircularFLO Instant and CircularFLO Pro and can be viewed free of charge using the ‘Preview this page as HTML’ tool

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‘Read Aloud’ support
for live text on a path

You live SVG text on a path can now be added to the Read Aloud panel then CircularFLO does the rest to create instant Read Aloud fixed layout EPUB3. No coding required.

See full info here

New ‘Auto Accurate Text Positioning’ tool

A new tool has been added to the Live Text Tools panel. Click the ‘Auto Accurate Text Positioning’ button to run though an entire document to quickly prepare live text frames on pages that contain text wrap and prepare text on a path which has leading spaces.

See full info here

More pixels per page

Quickly following Apple’s December 2014 change to their iBooks guide we have now adjusted CircularFLO so you can now add up to 4 million pixels per page for large retina screen and extra zooming quality.

Also a new option for to make black and white pages has been added.

See full info here

Smoother setup and support

CircularFLO will now is set up and ready to run as soon as it is has been launched for the first time.

Also new menu options to have been to easily open logs and locate the application support folder.

OS X Yosemite and InDesign CC2014.1 ready

We remain committed to bringing all our new features to InDesign CS6 and also to all future versions of InDesign for the Mac.

CircularFLO 5.1 is tested and ready for InDesign CS6 thru CC2014.1 and Mac OS 10.6 thru 10.10

Great new CircularFLO version 5 features at a glance

Read aloud text highlighting

Bring storybook pages to life by highlighting words along with an added audio track.
Prepare and add timing information straight from InDesign using our new tools. No coding required.

See full info here

Add Read aloud to embedded text and scanned

Our revolutionary new Read Aloud method allows you to easily add read aloud highlighting to embedded text and even scanned images.

See full info here

Make and apply custom Animations

Images, objects, hyperlinks, audio buttons and even text frames can all be animated in CircularFLO v5.

See full info here

New text positioning tool

Position the most complex live text with confidence and even simulate text wraps with our new Accurate Text Positioning tool.

See full info here

Add Tap audio buttons

Select any pixel image and turn it into a tappable button to play, pause or stop added audio.

See full info here

Improved Previews

Test out your live text, hyperlinks, animations and tap audio in the browser in seconds.

See full info here

Add hyperlinks more quickly

Quickly add multiple cross references, URLs and hyperlinks to email and one in numbers with new tools

See full info here

Better meta

Add versioning and ISBN more easily with the updated Boilerplate.

 See full info here

Improved KF8 output

KF8 files are now both smaller in file size and higher in pixel dimensions.
Ready to upload to Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher easily with their new size allowances.

Save and share your settings

Drag animated objects and buttons out to InDesign snippets or libraries and swap between pages and documents.


InDesign CS6 supported and InDesign CC ready

All these features are supported in the last three versions of InDesign and we are committed to keeping support for both InDesign CS6 and all versions of CC.

Plus lots more smaller improvements too make CircularFLO v5 the number one choice for book publishers looking to convert InDesign to fixed layout eBooks.
Upgrade for free today.

Great new CircularFLO version 4.0 features at a glance

Smaller books now have a smaller price

‘Short’ books of anything up to 50 pages are now available to be made at a lower price.

Any existing credits from earlier versions are now moved to become standard book credits when you first launch CircularFLO v4.

Short and standard book credits can be purchased from our purchase page.

It’s now easier then ever to use live text

Overridden text is now supported, this means any modifications to the font, font style and weight, size, colour can be made directly on the page and out of style.

When using paragraph styles CircularFLO v4 will now pick up tracking, word and letter spacing, capitalization, hyphenation and ligatures in paragraph styles. Orphan and widow settings are also supported from InDesign CC.

Export directly from an open document

CircularFLO v4 has a new ability to make your eBook from a single open InDesign file.

See full info here

Also, there is a new option to quickly use the first page of your document as the cover file or add an image from your Mac as your eBook cover JPEG.

See full info here

Use more fonts with InDesign CC

Font Obfuscation is now available for InDesign CC users.

InDesign CC document fonts also supported for InDesign CC.

See full info here

Text frame transparency support for live text

InDesign text frame opacity settings and drop shadow effects are now reproduced for live text.

See full info here

Instant page previews and new FLO Tools

The completely free and extra helpful FLO Tools panel is now inside the CircularFLO application. Easier to install, find and use.

Improved HTML page preview which is now supporting live text overrides and links.

More output options have been added to the Boilerplate.

See full info here and here

Run from anywhere, no need for admin

CircularFLO can now be run from anywhere on your Mac, just drag from the dick image to a suitable location and double click. Renaming the app is now possible too.

There is no longer requirement for an admin log-in to install and run.

OS X Mavericks Ready

All our code is ‘code signed’ and running smoothly with the increased security settings in OS X Mavericks.

CircularFLO will now offer to open your fixed layout EPUB3 in iBooks on the Mac.

Improved installer and a new simple upgrade option for existing users.

InDesign CC friendly

Tested and ready with the very latest InDesign CC 9.2

Use all your Typekit fonts easily and safely in your eBooks with Adobe Creative Cloud.

All new CircularFLO version 3.7 features at a glance:

  • Play, pause and stop audio buttons can now be added
  • External video files now supported
  • User can define JPEG sizes and compression method
  • Smaller Amazon AZW3 file now also produced
  • Support for prefixes used in page numbering
  • Fully code signed for OS X Mavericks
  • Improved installer experience
  • Stopped sporadic error of not recognising when remaking purchased books

All new CircularFLO version 3.5 features at a glance:

  • Support for Adobe InDesign CC as well as Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Cleaner interface, live feedback of status information and progress bar in CircularFLO main window
  • Option for single page to view in iBooks
  • Option to remove binding in iBooks
  • Option to make shorter samples for iBookstore from chosen pages of a purchased book without watermarks and free of charge
  • Update to FLO Tools 1.4 with new Boilerplate options and a tool to convert double page spreads to single pages in one click
  • Choice to make KF8 as a ‘comic’ with double page spreads and zooming for Kindle Fire. Operating on Paperwhite, Fire (Gen 2), Fire HD7, Fire HD9
  • Auto splitting long paragraphs of 200+ characters in KF8 text mag zones
  • Auto detecting text position for top to bottom reading of KF8 text mag zones in complex pages
  • Option to make EPUB3 only so to remove unused KF8 code in EPUB3
  • Option to specify extra layers to use for live text in Boilerplate
  • Option to specify layers to disregard text on in Boilerplate
  • Graphics improvements for KF8 comic spreads
  • Columned text frames now supported
  • Speed and stability improvements especially on longer documents
  • Timing outs tackled and other bug fixes
  • We have dropped Growl integration

All new CircularFLO version 3 features at a glance:

  • Full Apple iBooks EPUB3 fixed layout compliance
  • Full Amazon KF8 fixed layout compliance, including tappable mag zones for each paragraph of text (this includes both live and embedded text)
  • EPUB3 and KF8 code is in the same file or converted to .mobi Amazon do accept .epub from larger publishers)
  • Full IDPF EPUB3 fixed layout compliance (so working in Readium and Kobo too and Google Play support coming very soon)
  • A new InDesign FLO Tools panel to help users prepare, style and preview pages from InDesign
  • Free updates to your ebooks – use a credit once on a book and then forever be allowed to amend and make unwatermarked updates from the same book and documents.
  • Versioning inside the EPUB so iBooks readers get notified of updates automatically thorough iOS, just like with iOS purchased apps. Users can add a new version number to EPUB when remaking.
  • Users can add a Boilerplate via the FLO Tools panel to add metadata and KF8 mag zone styling.
  • External poster frames for video now supported
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements and speed increases
  • EPUB file sizes reduced
  • A Mac running InDesign CS6 is required. There is no longer a requirement for Photoshop to be present.

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